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Here are some videos which address frequently asked questions about LASIK surgery. While comprehensive, every patient is unique…and so are their questions and concerns. If you have questions or want to know why 20/20 Institute is the laser eye surgery center so many Denver patients depend on, our experienced patient counselors are happy to accommodate any questions you may have at 303-2020-NOW (669). The FDA recommends this link for more information about LASIK: Click Here

Video Transcript: At 20/20 Institute we’ve made a purposeful choice to add patient counselors to the patient consultation experience. Patient counselors are staff members from 2020 Institute that have had LASIK themselves so they understand what a patient would be going through. The patient counselor relationship with our patient really allows patients to discuss with the patient counselor their motivations, their fears, any concerns they may have. They spend 30-45 minutes with each patient really getting to know them and learning the ins and outs of what’s motivating the patient for LASIK.

Video Transcript: Community involvement is very important to us. One of the things we’re most proud of in our community involvement is our involvement with the See the Future Fund. It is a marvelous organization. A hundred percent of the proceeds go to the cause, which is helping Colorado teenagers that are blind or visually impaired get college scholarships. Pulls at your heartstrings when you see the attitude and the drive that these teenagers have to better their lives and really have full lives in spite of their visual impairment. It’s a fantastic, very worthy organization the See the Future Fund. We’re just privileged at 20/20 Institute to be a part of it.

Video Transcript: The cornerstone of our outstanding visual results for our LASIK patients starts with our surgeons. We have very experienced, skilled surgeons, all board-certified ophthalmologist that we have hand selected to be part of the 20/20 Institute team. Our staff optometrists specialize in the pre and post-operative care of LASIK patients. Our staff are specifically trained in LASIK. When you put all that talent together with our investment that we make in advanced laser technology you get the kind of results that we have come to know at 20/20 Institute which are outstanding.

Video Transcript: By far the best part of my job and all of my co-workers at 20/20 Institute is helping people see. Vision is such an important sense, an important part of our lives the way we experience our world around us and quite often glasses and contacts get in the way. You can see the joy and excitement in their face from being able to see again. I mean it basically restores their vision to a level that they haven’t recalled in years- it gives them greater independence, self-esteem, self-confidence. Being able to help patients free themselves from that dependency really is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Video Transcript: Something that I find quite commonly is that we see patients in our clinic that have years ago been told they were not candidates for LASIK. The good news for most patients is that, yes, many patients who had been told in the past that they could not have LASIK can successfully be treated with LASIK technologies that are available today.

Video Transcript: What holds some people back from having LASIK is the cost of the procedure. And that’s understandable because at a several thousand dollars LASIK can impact the family budget. We want to make LASIK as affordable for everybody as possible so we do have a lot of different financing terms available. When you come to 20/20 Institute your patient counselors will help you find a plan that’s right for you and makes LASIK affordable.

Video Transcript: There are four primary things that you should look at that affect the cost of your procedure. First is, does the provider have a flat fee system or a prescription based system? Meaning, when you see those $499 ads those are for very mild prescriptions, which only 2% of the population qualifies for. Reason number two that affects cost has to do with how the flap, the first step in LASIK, is done. There’s an older surgical device called a microkeratome and that is a less expensive way of flap creation. And the more advanced way, and the way that we prefer to do things at 20/20 Institute, is using a laser to fashion that flap. Of course that is more expensive than the older mechanical device to create the flap. Next, is the laser used to reshape your cornea or, in essence take away your eyeglass prescription. The older nineties lasers that did standard basic technology or reshaping are less expensive than the lasers that are used now in the advanced form of LASIK called Wavefront or Custom LASIK. And finally, you want to know long-term, if something down the road were to happen to your vision what kind of refinement policy does this provider offer? Do they have a no-charge refinement option for you, where in 10 or 15 years your vision would change, could you come back at no fee and have a refinement or a touch up to restore your vision again? So all four of those things add to the compilation of the final fee and it’s important you select the options that you’re most comfortable with.

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